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 Mount Whitney Hiking Information ... Summer 2006 ... Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Bird's eye views of the trail, East Side and West Side.

Text map of Lone Pine, showing the location of businesses, the road to the portal, and the permit pick-up spot - the Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitors Center at the junction of US 395 and SR 136 about 1.6 miles south of downtown Lone Pine. Modified slightly from the original version created and posted on the Whitney Message Board by Versatile Fred. 

There are supposedly several shortcuts along the trail. The first shortcut sounds like it is worth trying. It uses the original trailhead and cuts about a third of a mile off the roundabout route taken by the start of the current trail. The other shortcuts involve cross country travel and, from the look of the trail map, don't save as much distance.


Landmarks Along the Trail Distance from the Portal (miles) Elevation (feet)
Portal 0 8,360
Lone Pine Creek Cascade 2.6 9,900
Lone Pine Lake Junction 2.9 9,950
Bighorn Park 3.5 10,360
Outpost Camp 3.8 10,360
Mirror Lake 4.3 10,640
Trailside Meadow 5.3 11,400
Trail Camp 6.3 12,040
Trail Crest 8.5 13,660
Muir Trail Junction (take the fork to the east, going north and up) 9.0 13,480
Summit 11 14,500

Water sources along the trail, from Bob Rockwell's Word document and photo web page (see links page).

H2O Sources on Main Trail Grade Distance (miles) Elevation (feet) Notes
Carillon Creek stream crossing B 0.5 8,600 From the slopes to the north (photo)
North Fork LP Creek stream crossing B 0.7 8,800 From Lower Boy Scout Lake (photo)
Cascade by downed log, below LP Lake   B 2.5  9,900 Stream from Bighorn Park (photo)
Logs over stream coming from Bighorn Park  C 2.7   (photo)
Stream in Bighorn Park F 3.6   Parts are stagnant, with lots of algae (photo)
Spring, south side of Bighorn Park A 3.7 10,360 Spring from the north slopes of Candlelight Peak (photo)
Stream by Outpost Camp    B 3.8 10,360 From Mirror Lake (photo)
Stream from Mirror Lake  C 3.9   (photo)
Outlet of Mirror Lake    C 4.3 10,640 Can have minor organic matter late in the season (photo)
Stream from Trailside Meadow  B 4.8  11,150  In spring and summer, most comes from Consultation Lake (photo)
Trailside Meadow    B 5.3 11,390 Later in the season, most comes from the Trail Camp area (photo)
Consultation Lake    B 5.8 11,700 Actually, off the trail to the south
Stream from Trail Camp Pond  C 5.9    (photo)
Trail Camp Pond D 6.3 12,040 Next to Trail Camp (photo)
Stream feeding Trail Camp Lake    B 6.3+ 12,040 Just west of Trail Camp Lake (photo)
Spring near Switchback #23    A 6.7 12,400 Flows (or seeps) May October; may freeze at night 
Topographic map of trail with H2O points marked (large 662 KB image)


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